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Post by Tigernuts » Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:44 pm

£25 grayling fishing the itchen,Said JOE the chef .your car ,my phone for the sat nav.the last grayling I caught was 50 years ago on the Avon fishing the OLD WEIR at Ringwood on silk weed .What bait joe ..get I/2 gallon mixed reds and whites.Timeto get out the Old wizzard ,brought it from. Bennetts of sheeffield.2/6 a week on the never never late 50s still about £9.speedia reel and the mk6 ambidex inreserve sorted..Monday/ Tuesday gales and rain today wed it was even worse..are you sure you can read that sat nav.There a turning by a Bridge ..THERE found it .The river seems to be Running as fast as I can go down this a track Joe..Keep going look out for a Hut .were the only ones here it lookeds unfishable to me .stop moaning theres the hut/shelter I can nearly drive in it ,yeh don't get stuck.like last week .yep unloaded the gear into the hut.Noticed Joe had made some of his specials ?.No Meat pies. Joe sitting in the hut makeing up his tackle.he was going to float fish for them a Mitchell match 14 ft Apolo Taperflash rod .he had done well 400/500yds down stream last year grayling up to 2 1/2 lb .it. Was still pouring .See you late mate best of luck.JOE I yelled you forget the maggots and the tub of redworms.im off ...imgoing to have a coffee and pie you takeing one.. no I don't want to be cluttered up with stuf. The rain had eased of .i looked at the water in front of me 2onz at least to hold bottom ,What's that.i had not noticed it looking from the shed a great big branch/ trunk had Jam up on the bend and created a 4/5 eddy on the inside line .The wizzard the pin a green drennan feeder running .rod rest seat feeder filled first cast grayling 1 1/2 half wow .within the hour I had 7 fish all pease in a pod 1lb to 1 1/2 half .retreated back to shed there was such a squall I could hardly hold the rod.coffee and my second pie Where's Joe ...well back to it then .still raining but wind had backed off ..2nd cast a trout 2/3lb this is as good as it gets on a 50 year old wizzard .without boring you I had 9 trout between 1 1/2 lb to maybe 4 lb it was a slaughter..pulled the rod in .went back to the shed .more coffee where's Joe... raining again .How did you get on .it was hard to get the bait down but I snitched one out about 2ish well done .what about you.. Ah .have a dry out have a pie and I will make you a coffee.why you smiling ..is it MEHat no ..Have a look at my phone.,What are all these Trout..well scroll along .you caught all these ?. Yeh WHERE ..ThERE . ."pick my rod up keep the lid on the maggots I show you were to cast .the slaughter continued .They Don't Half Go on this Old Rod ..Its what you would call a Flopy threw action rod..this is fun ....Joe were going to be fat Bs eating these Pies..Your Are .Im surprised you made it the 30 ft to your Swim,Bloated ,,100 mile journey home .fleetwood Mac rumours.Was that real today Joe .it was mate .Pike next week I've got this place .A shared moment of Time .

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Post by Bobby Marlene » Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:48 pm

I enjoyed this very much. Thanks for posting. Bobby

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